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Over 220 countries available

Miniature World Flags

Miniature world flags are available in 3 different styles, deluxe rayon, polyester, and cotton. The deluxe flags are available in over 200 world flag designs.

International Desk Flags
Miniature International Flags - Priced by the Dozen or in Assortments
International Desk Flags

The best quality 4"x6" flags available and they are made in the USA. No minimum order.

Miniature International Flags - Priced by the Dozen or in Assortments

As low as $8.00 per dozen (1 dozen per order unit). Great for parties and special events.

Complete United Nations Flag Set 4"x6"
Solid Color Miniature Flags
Complete United Nations Flag Set 4"x6"

Top quality desk flags made in the USA. 193 deluxe miniature flags in each set.

Made in the USA.

Solid Color Miniature Flags

High quality solid color miniature desk flags.

Miniature Flag Toothpicks
Miniature Cotton International Stick Flags 4" x 6"
Miniature Flag Toothpicks

Toothpick flags, over 110 designs including over 100 countries. . Countries, states, solid color and specialty flags.

Miniature Cotton International Stick Flags 4" x 6"

Only 41 cents or less each (Sold in packs of 24). 20 different countries to choose from. Made in the USA

Our 19th year selling world flags online.

EZ Flag Finder - Scroll down the two option boxes below and find the country or other flag designs that you are looking for and it will take you to the page with all products associated for that country or flag design.

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