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You get MORE than what you pay for here !!

If you are price shopping for a heavy duty residential or commercial aluminum tapered flagpole, there are four main things to compare before you buy.  Compare exposed height, butt diameter, wall thickness, and shipping costs.  We have made it easy by showing those specifications for all the poles that we offer online. 

After you compare those 4 items, you will end up here and we will save you money.

We have become one of the largest online sellers of one piece flagpoles. Most of our customers have never purchased a flagpole before and need some advice or have questions that need to be answered before they buy. Call us at 1-800-552-4382 and our flagpole customer service personnel will answer whatever questions you might have.

External Halyard FlagpolesExternal Halyard FlagpolesThis is the traditional flagpole setup with the rope (halyard) on the outside of the pole. Used for residential, commercial, churches, schools and businesses.

They are offered in sizes from 20' to 80'. We offer specifications and prices online for 14 different external halyard flagpoles.

Internal Halyard FlagpolesInternal Halyard FlagpolesInternal halyard flagpoles are made so the rope or cable that raises and lowers the flag is located inside the flagpole, instead of outside the flagpole like the external halyard poles.

Generally they are preferred when flag security is a problem (more difficult for the flag to be removed by an unauthorized person), and they are also quieter because the halyard and flag clips do not clang against the pole.

There are two types of internal halyard poles; the cam cleat version which consists of an internal rope, and the winch system that consists of metal cable in place of the rope. We offer both types of internal halyard poles at very competitive prices.

Nautical FlagpolesNautical FlagpolesNautical flagpoles are very popular in areas around water. They are perfect for lake and beach homes. Nautical poles are available in sizes from 25' to 80'.

Other Flagpole Sizes, Options and Important InfoIf you don't see what you want, or have a question, click here for additional info.

Our 20th year selling world flags and flagpoles online.

EZ Flag Finder - Scroll down the two option boxes below and find the country or other flag designs that you are looking for and it will take you to the page with all products associated for that country or flag design.

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